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Old 05-23-2012, 10:09 AM
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Default Quick Question on Hamzat al Wasl


Am I right in thinking that alif cannot have any vowel sings and the alif truly only appears at the end of the sentence to elongate the letter with the fat-ha before it ? If so, then that means everywhere else it is either hamzat al qata or wasl right ?

I recently came across someone teaching the ال as alif laam, meaning the very common "the". Am I right in thinking that, strictly speaking, this should be called hamzat al wasl and laam ?

JZK for you time

Edit: A related question is about the laam-alif. Is there a rule about when to write the laam alif in this form: لا and when in this form: غلام ? And I know the second can be joined from behind and joined to a letter from the front but what about the first form ? Can the first form join onto what is after it or be joined to what came before it ? Lastly if I wanted to initiate a word with the laam alif would both forms be okay and which of them, if not both, would join onto the following letter.

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