View Full Version : maybe error in madinnah book three

07-10-2010, 01:14 AM
assalamu allaikum wa rahmatu llahi wa barakatuhu,

madinnah arabic book three
page 25
exercise number 9
the following sentence
و اسم الفعل كلمة تدل علي ما يدلعليه الفعل غير أنها لا تَقْبَل علامته

the verb is taqabala, with la it should be la taqabala, why here it is: la taqbala, with sukun? is this an error? i have searched the word qabala and then the mudaria should get a sukun on fa kalimat, but i found no word called qabala in the dictionary.

edit: sorry, i found the word, it is qabila-yaqbalu, but i found also yaqbilu and yaqbulu, are they all the same? and what is the difference between qabala and taqabbala with ta and schadda?