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04-01-2010, 12:45 AM
Salam Aliekum

When analysing a sentence the teacher said Badal in the video's at various time during the analysis of sentences. What is badhal please.?


04-07-2010, 12:35 PM

الْمُبْتَدَأ الْخَبَرُ

هذَا الرَّجُلُ تَاجِرٌ. This man is a trader.


In the above example the ism الرَّجُلُ is grammatically known as الْبَدَلُ (al-badal), it used in a sentence in order to give تَوْكِيْدٌ (emphasis) and بَيَانٌ (clarity or explanation) to the word that precedes it. So in the above example the ism الرَّجُلُ is giving emphasis and clarity to the word هَذَا, it is telling us that the one being indicated to is ‘the man’.It can also be understood that the badal is the same the thing as the word which precedes it, i.e. the man is the one being indicated to and the one being indicated to is the man.

Another example can be used to explain this, if I had a book in my hand which I was indicating to and I said to my teacher, ‘this is new’ 'هَذَا جَدِيْدٌ'. It would be understood that the book is new and if I was to mention the book in my sentence I would say in Arabic,هَذَا الْكِتابُ جَدِيِدٌ. By mentioning 'الْكِتابُ', I have put a زِيَادَة ٌ (extra or additional word in the sentence which is known as الْبَدَلُ (al-badal). It is important to note here that if I were to say in Arabic, ‘هَذَا الْكِتابُ’ this would not be considered to be a complete or beneficial sentence. To make it a beneficial sentence we must add a خَبَرٌ (khabar), as shown in the example above. (Madinah Grammar Rules Book 1)

04-28-2010, 11:31 PM
Assalaamu alaikum Brother adbi

'Badal' :

Here is a very useful and simple extract to explain this topic (please see following reply).


04-30-2010, 08:34 PM
الْبَدَلُ :

Quote :




Grammatically :

Apposition, i.e. a word following another and referring to the same person or thing.


نَجَحَ أَخِي بِلاَلٌ

My Brother Bilaal has passed.

Here, بِلاَلٌ is the same as أَخِي.

The word بِلاَلٌ is بَدَلٌ , and أَخِي is مُبْدَلٌ مِنْهُ


End Quote.

Reference :

“A Glossary of Words Used in

دروسُ اللغةِ العربيةِ لغيرِ الناطقين بِهَا

Arabic-English Dictionary

By Shaykh Dr. V. Abdur Rahim

Page 17.


This dictionary is excellent.

Please note :

The word ‘dictionary’ is a badal for the word, ‘This’.

In Arabic :

هذا الْمُعْجَمُ مُمْتَازٌ

Inshaa Allaah, you will cover the topic of ‘badal’ in detail in Book 3, lesson 21.

Our Shaykh teaches us four different types of ‘badal’.

Badal is a simple and interesting concept in Arabic.

For the Madinah Graduate Students, you can revise and extend your knowledge of ‘Badal’ through studying the following book (Arabic only) by our Shaykh - just recently published - named:

نُصُوصٌ مِن الْحَدِيثِ النَّبَوِيِّ الشَّرِيفِ

جَمَعَها وشَرَحَهَا:

الشيخ الدكتور ف، عبد الرحيم

The book is an in-depth lexical and grammatical study of 20 Classical ahaadiith, carefully selected by our Shaykh for teaching the various sciences of the Arabic language. It is a treasure that will build the Classical Collection of your Islaamic library.

There is a presentation of this beautiful new book here :


I hope this was helpful to you Brother abdi.