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Abu Hamza
06-24-2009, 04:34 PM
I have recently started the book 1 lessons. I have downloaded the videos in avi format. I was on DVD2, Part A2, where the teacher introduced verb conjugation up to humaa (dual feminine) and he said he'll do the rest from hunna in the next lesson. However, this was not covered in Part A3. In Part B1, all the remaining pronouns are seen on the board. I'm sure I've watched the videos in order but somehow missed where he covered the verb conjugation from hunna till nahnu. Can someone please tell me on which video the explanation is? Thanks.
Abu Hamza

06-25-2009, 03:03 AM
As Salamu Alaikum

For first few lessons, the camera men use to transfer the recording from the tape to a raw dvd and re-use the tape. In this process, it seems that part of introduction of Hunna was accidentally removed. This error was unfortunately not discovered before production (after your mention of it I spoke with Br. Asif and he told me what had happened). I'll try to give a brief written summary of how Br. Asif introduced 'hunna' in his lessons.

The discussion of 'hunna' was covered in the end of one lesson and the beginning of another to help make it easier for the student to remember the unique nature of 'hunna'.

End of the first lesson

Now, we were going to introduce 'hunna' today but unfortunately 'hunna' decided that she wanted to see a lawyer first and set down some conditions before we can introduce her.
So 'hunna' has gone to the lawyers and we'll hear back from her tomorrow.

Beginning of the next lesson

Well, 'hunna' got back from the lawyers and one of the conditions is as follows:

The laam kalima (the 3rd radical) of the verb conjugated with hunna must have a sukoon

Now, we tried to negotiate but 'hunna' won't budge, so we were forced to accept these conditions. That is why the laam kalima has a sukoon as in:

Hunna katab-na

Just when we were ready to introduce 'hunna' she pulled out another condition. We tried to stay firm and say one condition was enough, but 'hunna' threatened to leave and we all know the world doesn't go round without (hunna) women so we gave in. 'Hunna's second condition is:

All conjugation of pronouns coming after hunna will also have sukoon in the 3rd radical of the verb.

Well, with all the legal documents signed, 'hunna' has finally given permission for us to introduce her, so:

When conjugating the past tense at and after hunna we put on overdrive and it goes like:
Katab-na, -ta, -toma, -tum, -tee, -toma, -tuna, -tu, -naa.

Be patient and continue watching the rest of conjugation will come many, many times, inshaallah