View Full Version : Classes in Toronto Area

  1. At Noor Cultural Centre
  2. In Brampton
  3. At Stouffvile Masjid
  4. At Talim ul Islam Community Centre
  5. At Islamic Foundation Masjid
  6. At Anatolia Masjid
  7. At Jami Masjid
  8. At Warden and Steeles
  9. At Canadian Sufi Cultural Centre
  10. any plans for intensive class for out of towners?
  11. At Nigerian Canadian Muslims Association Centre at Finch and Milvan Avenue, Etobicoke
  12. Translation Question
  13. At Islamic Institute of Toronto (IIT)
  14. At Markham Masjid (ISM)
  15. AT Masjid Abu Huraira
  16. Shariahprogram
  17. The Weston Islamic Centre
  18. In Mississaugua
  19. In Mississaugua for Sisters Only
  20. Al-Fajr Institute in Mississauga - Book 1
  21. At ICNA (Islamic Center of North America) - Oakville
  22. Somali Islamic Society Of Canada - ETOBICOKE
  23. An afternoon at 86 Rivalda Road
  24. At Talimul Islam By Ustaad Asif
  25. In Missisaauga
  26. Ryerson University
  27. Upcoming classes At Noor Center and Tariq Masjid by Ustad Asif
  28. Upcoming Classes at Tariq Masjid by Br Asif
  29. In Scarborough
  30. In Etobicoke (Canada) for sisters
  31. Book 3 in Missisaugua